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Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival

yarmouth old gaffers festival

Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival 2014 Referring of course to the classic boats sporting the popular gaff rig configuration of sails, the Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival is an annual event that takes place on the Isle of Wight; providing a weekend

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Old Gaffers

old gaffers

Old Gaffers Festival The Old Gaffers Festival is an annual events which takes place at Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight.  This year it will be running from Friday 31st May 2013 until Sunday 2nd June 2013 and it will

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The Old Gaffers Festival

Old Gaffers Festival!   The Old Gaffers Festival.¬† Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight is the setting for the 3 day Festival running from 31st May – 2 June 2013 Gaffers are sailing boats with a gaff rig, a sailing

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