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Hull Bio-Fouling and Its Treatment What is Bio-Fouling? Vessel hulls need protection against the attachment of marine organisms such as barnacles and algae. The presence of these unwanted passengers is known as bio-fouling. Bio-fouling negatively affects the hydrodynamics of the

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Anchor Types

anchor types

Anchor Types All yachts should carry at least 2 anchors in order to connect the vessel to the bed of a body of water to prevent the yacht from drifting in wind or current. This article aims to give a

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Vendee Globe 2016-2017

vendee globe 2016-2017

Vendee Globe 2016-2017 The Vendee Globe sailing race is ongoing at the time of writing.  Those that are ‘in the know’ have been glued to the internet.  The current race is fast, very exciting and in its closing stages.  It

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Ensign Etiquette

ensign etiquette

Ensign Etiquette UK Ensign etiquette derives from UK flag etiquette.  It is a combination of law or ‘what you must do’ and maritime tradition i.e. expectations of behaviour within the sea-faring community.  On a vessel the most senior position for

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Sailing Dating Tips

sailing dating tips

Sailing Dating Tips for Lovesail Members Dating a sailing enthusiast can be both exciting, fun and even life changing.  Here are a few sailing dating tips for Lovesail members new to dating or just a bit rusty: ALWAYS keep your

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More Winter Crewing Posts

more winter crewing posts

More Winter Crewing Posts 2016 Here are some more winter crewing posts that Lovesail members have posted in the crewing section of the site.  If you are interested in any of them then just log into your Lovesail account and

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Squalls – What are they? Look out – there’s a squall coming your way! Squalls can occur in any hemisphere as a sharp and sudden increase in wind speed. They’re often associated with oncoming changes in the weather like rain

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The Pilgrim’s Passage

the pilgrim's passage

The Pilgrim’s Passage of 1620 At this time of year it is traditional to cast our thoughts to the colonists who founded America. Although the story of pilgrims leaving Britain is well known it is sometimes difficult to imagine. However,

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Winter Crewing Posts

winter crewing posts

Winter Crewing Posts 2016 Here are a few of the Winter Crewing Posts from Lovesail members.  If you are interested then just log into your Lovesail account and visit the Crewing section. Feb ’17. Florida to Columbia and yonder Hi

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Hammock History


Hammock History For centuries the hammock has been utilized as a simple and efficient use of sleeping space below decks. Easily rigged and stowed, the hammock is a temporary structure comprising of a slung fabric or net between two fixed

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