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ss richard montgomery

SS Richard Montgomery

SS Richard Montgomery Historical Background of the SS Richard Montgomery Launched on the 15th June 1943, the SS Richard Montgomery was built during World War II as an American Liberty Ship. Named after an Ulster General of the same name

marine mammals research association expedition

Marine Mammals Research Association Expedition

Marine Mammals Research Association Expedition 2018 One of the Lovesail members, Indigo Blue, is lucky enough to be involved with the Marine Mammals Research Association Expedition next year.  His yacht, Chance Discovery a Discovery 55, is used for the expedition

boat jumble dates 2018

Boat Jumble Dates 2018

Boat Jumble Dates 2018 Here are the Boat Jumble Dates 2018 for the UK. If you want to add your boat jumble to this list then just send the date and location to admin@lovesail.com and we will add it to

Lifting a boat

Lifting a Boat

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Lifting a Boat Lifting a boat is a task that comes round periodically, often at this time of year.  However, for those who have not done it before it may be a bit of a mystery.  Here’s an explanation and

The Cutty Sark

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The Cutty Sark – Tea Clipper Britain has a long and proud history as a great ship-building and seafaring nation. One of its most notable and famous old ships is the tea clipper, The Cutty Sark. This traditionally constructed, commercial

autumn crewing posts 2017

Autumn Crewing Posts 2017

Autumn Crewing Posts 2017 As the summer seasons draws to a close, there are some Autumn Crewing Posts 2017 from the members that might pique your interest. Looking for experienced AMEL 54 crew member I am finalizing the purchase of

drake passage

Drake Passage

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Drake Passage You may have heard of the Drake Passage, which is one of the most feared stretches of water in the world. But it is also one of the most special and is, in fact, the only unhindered areas

late summer crewing posts

Late Summer Crewing Posts 2017

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Late Summer Crewing Posts 2017 Here are some of the late summer crewing posts that members have posted on the site.  If you would like more details on the crewing posts then just log into your Lovesail account and go

lovesail review

Lovesail Review

Lovesail Review from DatingAdvice.com Lovesail has been given a fabulous mention from the dating advice website DatingAdvice. DatingAdvice is a site where dating experts give advice and comments about anything dating.  A great place to visit for interesting articles and

the green flash

The Green Flash

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The Green Flash Now that summer’s here lots of us will be looking at sunsets – so keep your eyes peeled for the green flash!  This happens when the sun dips below (or rises above) the horizon and a momentary