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notice to mariners

Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners – What are they? Today more than 60 countries of the world compile nautical charts for sailors and boating enthusiasts to navigate around the worlds’ oceans.  A Notice to Mariners is quite simply a regular update that informs

chandlery origins

Chandlery Origins

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Chandlery Origins A Chandler is a dealer who supplies goods and equipment for ships and boats. A Chandlery is a shop or business of a chandler. Coming from the French word chandelier which means candle holder or someone that produces

london boat show 2016

London Boat Show 2016

London Boat Show 2016 London ExCeL The London Boat Show 2016 is about to sail into London’s ExCeL this week.  Starting on Friday 8th January (preview day) and running through until Sunday 17th January, the boat show aims to remind

new year crewing posts

New Year Crewing Posts

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New Year Crewing Posts 2016 Here are a few of the crewing posts that may interest Lovesail members for the New Year.  To see more just click on the Crewing section on the site.  If you are not a member



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Scurvy Definition of scurvy: A disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C characterized by swollen bleeding gums and the opening of previously healed wounds, which particularly affected poorly nourished sailors until the end of the 18th century. Scurvy Symptoms If

ships figureheads

Ships Figureheads

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Ships Figureheads – A Brief History. Ships figureheads were the ornamental carvings (either a bust or full length figure) that would adorn the prow of sailing ships between the 16th and 19th century. Many early civilisations used a form of

autumn crewing posts

Autumn Crewing Posts

Autumn Crewing Posts from Lovesail Members Here are a few of the Autumn crewing posts that some of the Lovesail members have posted recently.  If you are interested in any of them then just log into your Lovesail account and

rum rations

Rum Rations

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Rum Rations A Rum Ration was a daily amount of rum (tot) issued to sailors serving on Royal Navy ships.  The practice dates back to the 17th century. History of the Rum Ration Sailors in the 17th century were given

boat jumbles 2016

Boat Jumbles 2016

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Boat Jumbles 2016 Here is the list for all the Boat Jumbles 2016 around the UK. Unless otherwise stated the jumbles start at 10:00am and run until around 3:00pm. The list will continue to be updated as more dates are



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Scrimshaws and their Origins The definition of a scrimshaw according to the Oxford English Dictionary is: scrimshaw, n. Pronunciation: /ˈskrɪmʃɔː/ Etymology: Of obscure origin; the surname Scrimshaw, if not actually the source, may have influenced the form of the word. Naut.