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speed dating in salisbury

Speed Dating in Salisbury

Speed Dating in Salisbury for the New Year Chris Stanbury, a friend of Lovesail, is running a charity speed dating event in Salisbury in the New Year.  If you live in the Salisbury area and are interested in attending then

drones and sailing

Drones and Sailing

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Drones and Sailing Drones are making headlines at the moment and for all the wrong reasons, but as we know good news doesn’t sell and the media tends to shy away from reporting on the benefits of new technology preferring


Sailing, Yachts and Yarns by Tom Cunliffe

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Sailing, Yachts and Yarns by Tom Cunliffe – Book Review Tom Cunliffe is one of our leading sailing writers.  A lifetime of nautical experiences and adventures have given him a plethora of stories to tell and fables to recount.  This

extreme sailing series sydney

Extreme Sailing Series Sydney

Extreme Sailing Series Sydney, Australia The final act of the Extreme Sailing Series will be held in Sydney, Australia.  The final venue, Extreme Sailing Series Sydney, is unique in that double points are up for grabs so theoretically 5 teams

salon nautique international de paris

Salon Nautique International De Paris

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Salon Nautique International De Paris 2014 Otherwise known as The Paris International Boat Show or Nautic Paris, The Salon Nautique International De Paris runs from 6th to 14th December 2014.  This annual event is held at the Paris Expo, Porte

boat jumbles 2015

Boat Jumbles 2015

Boat Jumbles 2015 List Here is the list for all the Boat Jumbles 2015 around the UK.  Unless otherwise stated the jumbles start at 10:00am and run until around 3:00pm.  The list will continue to be updated as more dates

november crewing posts

November Crewing Posts

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November Crewing Posts From Lovesail Here are just some of the November crewing posts from the Lovesail members.  If you are interested in any of the posts then just log into your Lovesail account and click the “Crewing” link at

alternative seasickness remedies

Alternative Seasickness Remedies

Alternative Seasickness Remedies Following on from our article Seasickness Remedies, here are some alternative seasickness remedies if you prefer a more natural approach to your health. Ginger Ginger has long been associated with the relief of nausea. There have been

fair weather sailor

Fair Weather Sailors

Fair Weather Sailors – Why we need a few more. As the name suggests, a fair weather sailor is someone who usually only goes sailing when the weather is good and they have plenty of time to enjoy the experience. Fair

route du rhum

Route du Rhum

Route du Rhum 2014 The Route du Rhum is a gruelling transatlantic solo race that sets off from St Malo, in Brittany, France and finishes in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, a distance of just over 3500 miles. The Route du Rhum, or