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sailing biscay

Sailing Biscay

Sailing Biscay Sailing across the Bay of Biscay presents unique challenges for even the most adventurous sailing enthusiast. The explanation lies in the unique geographical location of the bay. It is situated in the northeast Atlantic Ocean, south of the

mercator maps

Mercator Maps

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Mercator Maps Gerardus Mercator was born on the fifth of March, 1512 in Rupelmonde in Belgium. A cartographer, geographer and cosmographer, Mercator was to contribute his own form of projection that would change the face of map mapping.Mercator set out

more crewing posts spring 2017

More Crewing Posts Spring 2017

More Crewing Posts Spring 2017 Here are a few more of the crewing posts from Lovesail members this spring.  If you are interested in any of them then please log into your account and click on the crewing section link.

jules verne trophy

The Jules Verne Trophy

The Jules Verne Trophy Named for the author Jules Verne, who, in 1872, sent his protagonist Phileas Fogg off around the world in an attempt to circumnavigate it in 80 days or fewer, the Jules Verne trophy is one that

the kreken

The Kraken

The Kraken It’s been around for hundreds of years, features in myths, legends and stories, has allegedly sunk hundreds of ships, killed thousands of sailors and has become something of a movie star. So what exactly is the Kraken? The

photography evening classes salisbury

Photography Evening Class in Salisbury

Photography Evening Class in Salisbury Learn more about your camera and how to take better photos with a ten week evening class course in Salisbury. The course runs from Wednesday 15th March 2017 (7.30pm) and is being held in Salisbury

historic ketch sailing opportunity

Historic Ketch Crewing Opportunity

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Historic Ketch Crewing Opportunity – SV Irene The team at S.V. Irene*, a historic ketch, have contacted Lovesail with a great opportunity to pass onto our members. Irene is looking to find 2 deckhands for a free working passage this

crewing opportunities spring 2017

Crewing Opportunities Spring 2017

Crewing Opportunities Spring 2017 The latest crewing opportunities Spring 2017 from Lovesail members.  If any pique your interest then log into your account and visit the crewing section.  If you are not a member of Lovesail then why not check



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Hull Bio-Fouling and Its Treatment What is Bio-Fouling? Vessel hulls need protection against the attachment of marine organisms such as barnacles and algae. The presence of these unwanted passengers is known as bio-fouling. Bio-fouling negatively affects the hydrodynamics of the

anchor types

Anchor Types

Anchor Types All yachts should carry at least 2 anchors in order to connect the vessel to the bed of a body of water to prevent the yacht from drifting in wind or current. This article aims to give a